Historical notes

Sport activities have always been of essential importance for the survival of the Slovenian community in Italy. It is indeed far back in the past, in 1869, that Slovenian sport began to organise into clubs and subsequently began to join other European movements of physical training.
From its origin until now we can divide the evolution of our physical training into the following periods:
First period: from 1869, when the Southern Sokol was founded, to the outbreak of the First World War (1914), when sport and cultural activities were stopped.
Second period: from 1919, when sport activities resumed and became more widespread (foundation of the Sportno Zdruzenje or Sport League) to 1927, when all Slovenian activities in Italy were suppressed by the Fascist regime.
Third period: from 1927 to 1945 our clubs were considered illegal by the Fascist regime and the offenders were prosecuted also by capital punishment.
Fourth period: the post war period (1945-1958) was marked by the U.C.E.F., a union thatFifth period: from the “1. Sports Day” or 1.Sportni Dan, to the foundation of the first Slovenian club to join the C.O.N.I., the Bor, to the foundation of new clubs and the reorganisation of old ones, up to our days.